About Us

About Us

Urban Hygiene Solutions founded drainwhistle as their core brand with a passion to help organizations & people dealing with daily issues of odour, blockages and related effects in the washroom/ kitchen drain lines primarily. A feeling of doubt always in mind does not get people at rest while managing a large facility or at home. If you already had some warning signs ahead of emergencies, it really becomes a challenging though urgent to get it solved whether it is a washroom odour, slow running or blocked drain line anywhere in the property. You know how important and critical difference it can make. A good smelling washroom builds reputation at an office, manufacturing unit, hospitality and where not! It really applies everywhere. Hygiene matters a lot for us. If we notice a bad odour or a clogged pipe in washroom, cafeteria or near sink; some accumulated salt, dirt, waste, F.O.G and bacteria in the drain lines might be causing that bad smell or blockage. Drain whistle Team takes care of all this responsibly. With the growing office space, hospitality & industries in India, the need of developing such expertise and flexible services are really required while there are plenty of such professional service providers in western countries. Amid having the technology in India we need to develop expertise of operating. A group of professionals working in leading organizations for more than a decade who always steered gear to hunt & introduced the best innovations to action in hygiene and cleaning industry. Leaving smiles on the client’s face in all the odd hours of emergencies with available resources & quick response found it interesting to bring in the latest available technological solutions to support businesses in the most efficient manner for the everyday problem of a facility drain to save time, money and yet being environment friendly. Apart from the technological solutions for drain cleaning Drainwhistle Team has integrated and joined hands with the world’s leading companies in plumbing solutions to provide complete consultancy & applicable products for managing odour from drains due to plumbing design & any kind of drain or water pipeline problems supporting on hygiene, health & LEED points.

What We Do

1. We use an innovative & globally trusted botanical solution and electro-mechanical tools and technology.

2. We share a before and after report on demand with pictures of the pipeline from inside even after bends which can not seen so easily.

3. We fix a washroom or a food drain line in hours and save your time, money and pride.

What We Don't Do

1. We do not do it by conventional methods of cleaning the initial length manually for temporary relief.

2. We do not use acidic chemical which eventually loosen joints & cause seepage on adjoining walls.

3. We do not break the wall or block your washroom/ kitchen for a week and change the entire pipeline.

We Offer

For Commercial clients we have preventive maintenance plan for entire property based on inspection. For Odour control we provide appropriate consultancy and suitable plumbing products.

Our Promises

To be the most trusted partner in maintaining hygiene in your premises. We are committed to use latest innovations, tools & technology to save time & money to offer you the best environment around

If you need any cleaning related service, don't hesitate to contact us!